Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas and December!

Hey guys!
So Christmas is around the corner, i'm so stoked! and plus holidays have started.
This month has been a roller coaster ride for me, from frequent trips to bombay to my latest shoot! cant wait to show you guys the images! i have edited a few and they look stunning! *talk about self praising* heh. anyway, plus my best friend was in town, had the best time!
and hearing Porcupine Tree was heaven , seriously! I almost reached bombay! i couldnt find a single flight, talk about bad luck! but still i heard him! Steven is wonderful, he is everything. :)
and working on my website! see now this you cant find it anywhere. lol
anyways for my latest work and daily updates you can check out the following links. :)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey everyone! So this is my photography blog! since i cannot send messages from my group every time! I'll update whatever is happening over here. so lets just start with the basic. I use a Sony Cybershot w80. All my previous picture were taken from that camera. Now I'm a proud owner of a Canon 500D.My achievements so far!

October '08

1. Michael Braun featured me in his article " Photographers of the Week (Issue 10)!"


2. 2 of my pictures got selected for display for Project 19 Festival by Youth Parliament on the 15th of February,2009 at the India Habitat Centre.
A 2 day national festival which is being supported by the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO), the National Human Rights Commission, a joint UN partnership and several NGO's.

3. First exhibition on 22nd February. Theme " sublunary World".

4. My article along with one of my pictures " 1000words" got published in colors magazine,UK.

5. 29th till the 8th October, one of my pictures will be shown in 3 Luxury Hotels: Best Western Louvres St Honoré, Best Western Hotel Opal, Best Western Opera Diamond and from the 2 till the 5th in LeShowroom ( parisian Fashion Week), Paris

6. One of the winners of Ifashionphotographer. got to shoot with Jatin Kampani.

7.Two of my pictures were a part of an exhibit in London,It is a part of the PEP project , in collaboration with Elton John's aids foundation. yus!They will be showing a digital display of the selected entries in Selfridges, London!

8. 2 pictures got selected for display at Vikalp festival at The Indian Habitat Centre .

9.One of the runners up for Jimmy Choo's Project PEP Competition.