Friday, July 13, 2012

Yoda is always right.

I LOVE Star Wars.  Yoda once said , Do or Do Not” and  “There’s no try.”

  I believe anyone that heard that agree he is so right, but never really put much more thought into it. See in the movie it triggers  Luke Skywalker to harness “The Force” and master his own internal resources.

Lately, this thought has been haunting my mind," Why don't people believe in themselves? " . TRUST ME- That's the first step towards happiness. I've met so many people, who have truck load of potential, but 
every time they get a chance, they either worry about whether or not they can do it or forget about the opportunity altogether. Yoda’s message is clear. Our ability to achieve a goal is based on our belief that we can, and on your determination that we will.

TRY is such a waste of time! Don't try! GET OUT THERE AND CHASE YOUR DREAMS.  Yes, i am using caps. 
Don't wait for someone else's permission or approval to live your dreams. If you believe in yourself nothing/no one  can stop you.  I know stepping into the unknown can be scary- but, trust me - it's worth it! My life was such a mess till last year. I had given up on almost everything and everyone. But i made a promise to myself on my Birthday - I want happiness. I want love. I will listen to my heart more. I am going to shoot from my heart AND i will do anything to make it happen.Say goodbye to all the negative things/people in my life.  First step i did was love myself more each and everyday. Staying positive might not  guarantee success and achievement of goals.But, its a start. :) 

My health has been a MAJOR ISSUE this year. I am still sick. I know - i know. Hepatitis is a pain in the ass! 6 months and still counting. But my health has improved a lot.  : ) Sometimes, staying positive can be hard - especially when you've been sick for that long.  I have to fight it. I am staying positive.

 I sometimes feel so frustrated when things don't work out BUT  Life is getting better. I am a MUCH happier person now. Work is great. I am working on my project Her Diary. and MY second New York Exhibit! which is taking place in Brooklyn  :) on 28th of July at Gowanus Loft. 

Now, i am not just saying this  for the heck of it! I am saying this out of personal experience.  TRUST THE UNIVERSE. Just thought i'd keep you posted. 

I love you guys. xx

Much love,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

New York Exhibit

"Bright Lights, Big Love." 

My first New York Exhibit. Though it was a group exhibition- the feeling was out of this world! Slow and steady. . :) I never like to rush into things. well there is one thing that photography has taught me is Patience. So many talented artists! For eg. I was sharing the space with the assistant editor of Marvel.

So, here are some of the pictures from the opening night at the Underline Gallery in Manhattan , New York.

Because of my injury, they also organised a raffle draw. If you  participate, you can win one of my prints!
Here is the link:

^ Better view^

                                                    And such lovely postcards!

Much love,

Friday, April 20, 2012


I know i should blog more and this is unacceptable; But, things have been quite intense. First things first, Happy New Year (Lol!). Jan, well, was really interesting.
My New Year started off with a BANG! I was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a part of their cover story " People to look out for in 2012." It was surreal; thank you again. :) In case you haven't seen it yet,here is the article. :) I also started with a project called " Her Diary"- very close to my heart.

   That being said, after a few days (mid-jan)  i met with an accident, I was dropping off mum and a car tried to overtake my bike. Mum fell on the road and i lost my balance. At that point it didn't pain, but, it was later when i realized that it was serious.  My whole back was bruised and i wasn't even able to write a sentence or hold the camera. It was dreadful. The doctor told me that it'll take at least 2 months to recover.  I am still not allowed to pick up heavy objects, But i am at a much better place and i know that everything will be alright.
 Since everything was not going according to plan, i got another bad news from my  art director in New York. But, somehow i managed and worked things out.  I should listen to my heart more often. I want to be a better person- and  i am not saying just for the heck of it- i actually do mean it. I want the universe to take control of my soul. Trust the universe.
Well this pretty much sums up everything.  I'll blog more- i promise. :)

Much love,
Bee xx