Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fragile Hearts

Beautiful thoughts swirl through my head, just like the clear, fresh, youthful spring breeze. I always dreamt of a world where everything was extraordinary with surreal trees, purple clouds and full of secrets.

When I was young, my mother used to tell me stories about how fairies used to take her granddad away with them and fly all night and sing songs; and at the crack of dawn they used to leave him on his terrace with boxes full of sweets. It intrigued me.

Fragile Hearts is a story I started two years ago. A story about sisters who slept one night and never awoke; realizing that it was one the best thing that could have ever happened to them; it was Grace in disguise. They live in a limbo now; Fresh footprints, leading to a trail of crossroads; where there is no past to regret - no future to anticipate - everything is in this precious moment. A waning crescent moon - like floating cocoons- in a sea of tidal space.
Sometimes, they come in my dreams, asking me to leave this world for enchanted forests and black horses.

I love dark things, they make me ache. I love things that create echoes. Those in-between moments where everything moves in slow motion. It’s all about observing and extracting the beautiful things out of the rest.

Through Fragile Hearts, Let’s just say that I am trying to create my own wonderland, full of secrets. A different chapter, a different layer. But, I love colourful and happy things as well, because sometimes secrets hide there too.

Exit. Reality